Anki has a sqlite database detailing of all your reviews.
If you are learning Kanji and are reviewing a deck like this,
then you can upload it here and see your progress visually.
It feels good to be proud of your effort, that's what I heard.

Seemingly in all operating systems, this file sits buried in a folder that I would have a fairly hard time guessing.
It seems that on some systems the .anki2 file is a zip file. Currently I don't support this but I hope to add support soon.
You could also unzip the file and send the .anki2 file that is inside.

For me (Latest OSX), that's: /Users/kevin/Library/Application Support/Anki2/Kevin/collection.anki2
and (Windows 8.1), that's: C:\Users\kevin\Documents\Anki2\Kevin\collection.anki2

I'm limiting the file upload to 50MB because mine is 30MB - if you need more, I donno man, send me an email about it.