GTHA Transit

Kevin Branigan

I've been working on parsing and cleaning up GTHA transit data. It's a bit nutty. There are so many agencies and they all do everything very differently. Which is something Metrolinx is trying to fix. In the process I've been able to upgrade all my personal data tools to accommodate the variations in their data. It's interesting how non specific the transit feed spec is and how everyone interprets and implements it in all of the ways possible. This is the realm where assuming anything results in segmentation faults.

One thing for example, is how they specify colours for routes. You can see here that Hamilton and Burlington specify colours but the rest I just overwrite and selected myself. The TTC gives colours but they are mega ugly so I just made it red. Another thing involves GO Transit. I have their data but they don't provide road driving shapes, just the sequence of stops. It makes it look really ugly so I have hidden them for now. I did some work with routing their buses along the roads but it's just not pretty enough yet.