Path Mapping

Kevin Branigan

So everyone knows the path map is a crap map. If you've ever judged them, you'll notice that the directions are the four letters of the word 'PATH' and colours are chosen instead of something clearer. The maps on the walls are placed such that if you're facing south then north is down on the map and no one understands. Mr. Andrew Guay and I decided we wanted to visit it all and map it as we went. It took us around 5 days of walking and mapping (28km of all sorts of stuff) but we got it done. My plan was to convert it to AutoCAD drawings, allowing others to improve upon it, but I'm also planning open street map. If you have any other ideas, send me an email. (my email should be pretty easy to figure out).

Here's a little taste for you (yeah that's a coffee stain, stupid wind messing up my starbucks):